About Us

About Pineapple-Orange Foundation, Inc. (POFi)

Pineapple – Orange Foundation Inc. (POFi) was established in the Philippines in 2001, and has been a benevolent catalyst in the Humanitarian Grant World throughout the Philippines. The charitable and life sustaining and enhancing efforts of POFi have been beneficial to many in the Philippines and have expanded internationally with offices in the United States of America.

Arsenia T. Gargoles, Founder

In 1975, a Filipino Social Worker, Arsenia Trinidad Gargoles began her career. It culminated in 2001 when she was awarded the Trusteeship and Mandate from Modesto Asuncion Ancheta, bestowing a massive multi-billion dollar grant to her newly created Pineapple-Orange Foundation, Inc. These funds were spread around the world from HSBC, Barclays Bank, and several other world-class banks throughout the world, including the United States, for the express use of Humanitarian Funding through her Pineapple-Orange Foundation.

After many years of building her foundation’s Humanitarian Grant platform in the Philippines where she maintained a AAA rating with the SEC for all of the 17 years, she found it necessary to move the center of her activities into the United States. In 2016, she was welcomed with opened arms to the beautiful state of Utah. She was invited to meet with and share the goals of POFi with Senator Orrin G. Hatch, the ranking Senator from Utah.